What’s something that’s relaxing for the guy other than a HJ/BJ.


I really enjoy giving head. Sometimes just to relax myself, I enjoy lazy BJs too. My boyfriend enjoys them but only for short periods of time , he says beyond that it’s not the best thing in the world and he prefers to have sex as that is more pleasurable (fair enough). That or he like me giving attention to his balls while he jerks.himself off (again him doing the physical effort here!)

Here’s the real question though. Im not sure what else I can do to make him feel good. He enjoys the penetrative sex part, he eats me out, fingers me like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes I just feel guilty since the bulk of the physical effort is on him (he has never complained as such, he did point out in a conversation once that spooning sex on our side is extra nice for him since it’s not as tiresome as him on his knees…)

He can go on for forever, he has great stamina. Now I know I can ride him, and I do. But that quickly gets really tiresome and the bouncing doesn’t do much to keep me aroused.

I don’t know what I can do myself to contribute. I try to push back when we are laying side by side to join in on the thrust but that just fucks up the rhythm. I’m very engaged with touching and kissing and talking and grabbing. But these things are not physically tiresome..I feel guilty for…just enjoying him going at it, not having to put in as much physical effort?

Is this just the normal dynamic, men naturally have to move more?

Outside of sex, I give alot of massages too.

I talked to him about this once before but it was a while ago, I don’t know what I learned or if I articulated myself well. I am going to bring it up again.

But I’d appreciate advice from you guys. What more can I be doing, and how do I get over the guilt?

Tldr; besides a blow job and handjob, I want suggestions for what I can do to make my man feel good where it’s just me pleasuring him, so he can relax sometimes and enjoy me putting in the physical effort. He has never complained but all the things he enjoys is mostly him moving around a lot and I feel guilty. (PS. I also love to kiss him all over but even that he gets squirmish when I hit certain spots and quickly moves on to get to the sex part..so even just exploring his body is not the go to relaxing thing for him)


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