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From Executive Producer Joe Pistone, the real life “Donnie Brasco,” comes the true story of one woman’s life and ties to the Mafia.







27 responses to “Wisegal – Playlists”

  1. Chris Luckey Avatar

    Good Movie !!! I just wish Alyssa Milano wasn't Part of the Left Insanity believing everything about Trump 😔

  2. Lil Mf Insanity Avatar

    Actually a very good movie

  3. Kitten Gem Avatar

    Good movie. I like Alyssa Milano too. Thanks for the upload 😊

  4. observing citizen Avatar

    Funny how Alyssa Milano handling guns in no less than 73 TV/movie appearances, and paying no less than 5 men to carry guns around her everywhere she goes while telling people that aren't worth hundreds of millions of dollars that they don't need guns when they don't live in gated communities with armed guards and law enforcement with automatic weapons protecting them too is beyond disgusting and hypocritical! It's no different than a man who sells crack for a living on television in a series and does all the things that a drug lord does and chops people up and shoots people and so on and so forth going into the den of an actual drug lord in the real world and lecturing him about morality and staying drug free! The world would laugh much like a lot of people have at her. Don't get me wrong, I think she's an incredibly beautiful woman, and very stunning and very smart. But being smart academically and being smart pragmatically are two different things.

  5. Bustos Avatar

    Bodu bing boda boom foe get about it.

  6. Christopher Wyller Avatar

    And everybody lived (Or died) happily ever after…

  7. Pamela Fuller Avatar

    What a piece of crap!…….

  8. Elizabeth Henderson Avatar

    The actress who plays the character of 'Patty' is such a, such a, such a beautiful creature!!!

  9. David Anthony Avatar

    Who else here has had a crush on Alyssa Milano since Who's the Boss? 😁

  10. Aleesha Martin Avatar

    Good Movie 🍿🎥

  11. ZePanda Avatar

    Everyone here is not right in there actions but I understand them all and I feel bad for them all. Except Patty’s children they never did nothing wrong and there caught in this mess.

  12. Forever Peace Avatar

    Victory Lap with, Alyassa Milano she finished well , as the leading actress in this one . Great Movie !

  13. Jeremiah Schaefer Avatar

    Both sick and disgusting 🤢😷 Hollywood's best 👀 😢

  14. Laramie Moreau Avatar

    Sorry but I don't think that in real life, thing go down like that! Even so even though it's a fiction fantisy, I enjoied the movie, 'cause that's all it was, a movie! Laramie.

  15. Celebrity Truck Driver Avatar

    He could never hurt her, but he could hurt her Sons ?

  16. Todd Sculley Avatar

    You guys r the best. Taking time to do what u do is jut awesome

  17. Todd Sculley Avatar

    It’s all show biz

  18. Chris Davis Avatar

    Her mother was very smart. RIP James

  19. Cynthia Gilliam Avatar

    Great movie! Great acting by all! Loved seeing James Caan! RIP

  20. Bart Stewart Avatar


  21. Milton Deal Avatar

    I like this movie.

  22. Deb I pray that I was more like Beth Bates Avatar

    Mom cook the eggs 🥚 a little bit more 😋