X (2022) – Playlists

A group of actors set out to make an adult film in rural Texas under the noses of their reclusive hosts-an elderly couple with a farm …








35 responses to “X (2022) – Playlists”

  1. goutham edara Avatar

    Such a frustrating film there is no payoff for all the build up.

  2. Mikester! Avatar

    Saw the comments….just got it now let's see what's up

  3. Random Hero Avatar

    Fucking trash don't even need to watch it

  4. Van Bum Avatar

    This is my joker

  5. Incompatiblej Avatar

    hereditary was the best horror movie iv'e seen in a while. This looks like another banger

  6. colbi mcdaniel Avatar

    Lorraine is a horror movie character that would get everyone killed 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. bballstar30 Avatar

    Good for Kid Cudi 👌🏾

  8. Amy Adams Avatar

    This and a prequel movie, Ti West is a genius!

  9. E D. Avatar

    I couldnt see anything about half the movie. Great that its on a dark set but its a movie. I need too SEEE IT NOT DARK BLOBS

  10. Joseph Steven Mejia Avatar

    Superb… Bring on the Pearl

  11. DA G.O.A.T Avatar

    Jose Vargas is his name 👑

  12. John Kistler Avatar

    I love how they made the old people, the exaggerated design triggered my uncanny valley

  13. Jennifer H20 Avatar

    At least this one seems to have a sense of humor.

  14. Joey Benton Avatar

    OMFG what kinds crazy cool insanity is this? Amazing good old slasher whore, horror flick kinda fun! Love it! It will be our secret!? Hee hee

  15. J. Sand Avatar

    70-year-old senile women need love too !

  16. Swizzles Avatar

    i know nothing about the movie but the the slasher doesn't feel intimidating at all from the trailer

  17. こく月X Avatar

    I don't like the title.

  18. RoDale Avatar

    No comment👶🏻😭

  19. Lil Jayred Avatar

    I didn’t know this movie dropped smh I’m buy it soon

  20. Elizabeth Sanchez Avatar

    For anyone who likes the music made in this movie. Go listen to Chelsea Wolfe she helped make music for this film and has some good songs <3

  21. Darth Asshole Avatar

    That was completely fucked up and I loved it. Mia Goth is the sexiest woman alive.

  22. Sound Author Avatar

    Meh, it was okay. 🤷‍♂

  23. Jake Smith Avatar

    Felt like a Texas chainsaw massacre rip-off. It was a ok horror movie but wasn’t impressed. I give it a 3/10.

  24. R3D Avatar

    I rlly can't stress how much of a good actress Jenna is man

  25. kat good Avatar

    Surprisingly good in an era of shitty horror films

  26. David Smithers Avatar

    Really not worth the money .

  27. RealKookieGames Avatar

    Lorraine deserved to die for what she did tbh, that was beyond fucked

  28. Doom Tomb Avatar

    Great movie can't wait to go and see the prequel Pearl at the theater in a couple of weeks!

  29. g7thebeatmaker Avatar

    Not another movie about making a horror movie

  30. m8 Avatar


  31. Ultra Magneto Avatar

    Wow..I'm impressed..I am not sleeping on the elderly anymore lol.

  32. SNJ Avatar

    One of the worst movies ever made.

  33. ryck garcia Avatar

    Who else sees Mia in certain scenes and thinks " Charlize Theron in monster"?

    Or is just me?