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The sky is blue, water is wet, and Netflix will roll out a brand new thriller virtually every single week that takes a pasting from critics but conspires to arrive as one of the most-watched movies on the platform. Wouldn’t you believe it, Locked In has come along to fulfill the remit yet again.

Per FlixPatrol, the sultry murder mystery that’s been unfavorably compared to a Lifetime original and only holds a Rotten Tomatoes user average of 18 percent has done what all terrible Netflix exclusives do by flipping the bird at its detractors, and soaring right to the upper echelons of the viewership charts.

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Landing on the Top 10 in 83 countries around the world, it may not have had enough in the tank to dislodge the equally-diabolical Pain Hustlers from the summit, but it’s still a phenomenal return for what’s by all intents and purposes the newest genre film destined to be forgotten entirely by this time next month.

In the case of Locked In, the story finds Rose Williams’ unhappy newlywed Lina pitted against her cold-hearted mother in law, with Famke Janssen on scenery-chewing duties as a former Hollywood star. Like all trashy thrillers, though, it isn’t long before an illicit affair, a dangerous love triangle, a murder plot, and an overarching conspiracy enter the fray, which are admittedly ingredients that Netflix users have found impossible to resist whenever they come packaged together.

Just like clockwork, then, the streamer has maintained its esteemed track record of bottom-rung and banal exclusives.


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