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  • Lionsgate has greenlit the sequel to the survival thriller Fall, which became a sleeper hit on Netflix, earning $21 million at the Box Office.
  • Filming for Fall 2 is set to begin in June 2024, with director Scott Mann returning to helm the project and bring a new cinematic experience.
  • The plot details for Fall 2 are still under wraps, but it is expected to feature a new scenario with higher stakes and maintain the vertigo-inducing atmosphere of the first film.

After the survival thriller became a global hit across Netflix in 2023, Lionsgate has announced that Fall 2 is in the works. Fall soared to new heights ever since it dropped on Netflix in many global territories. In the UK, for instance, Fall was Netflix’s second most-viewed movie for two consecutive weeks in March 2023, seconded only by the Idris Elba-led Luther: The Fallen Sun. It stars Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam) and Virginia Gardner (Marvel’s Runaways, Halloween) as best friends Shiloh and Bekcy, who are stranded on a 2,000 ft tall radio pole and have to find unconventional ways down.

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The tower in Fall proved to be quite an efficient prop as it helped build atmospheric tension and anticipation for Fall 2, helping it to become a sleeper hit after accruing $21 million at the Box Office against the $3 million budget. Fall’s resurgence on Netflix can be attributed largely to word-of-mouth buzz — and with the Lionsgate -distributed feature dominating the conversation on the survival subgenre, it is no surprise that a sequel is already in the works. While Fall dealt with several anxiety-inducing scenarios for audiences with acrophobia, it will be exciting to see how the stakes would get higher in the next chapter.

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Fall 2 Latest News

Lionsgate Has Given Fall 2 The Green Light

The latest news on Fall 2 came on October 31, 2023, when it was confirmed that Fall 2 had been given the green light by Lionsgate — alongside a follow-up, Fall 3. After the sequel to Fall had been teased for a while it was made official by Lionsgate toward the end of 2023, and the studio also confirmed that filming was set to start in June 2024. Scott Mann will be returning to direct, co-write, and produce Fall 2, revealing how excited he was the survival thriller was becoming a franchise in a statement:

I am thrilled to be continuing the Fall journey and taking it to the next level. We’ve got a really special cinematic experience planned and I’m immensely grateful to my fellow producers for backing the vision. I’m also excited to be working with new collaborators as well as reuniting with the original gang, and obviously can’t wait to be back filming thousands of feet up.

Fall 2 Confirmed

Filming On Fall 2 Starts In 2024

Two women looking at a tower in Fall

Fall 2 is confirmed, with the sequel first teased in early 2023 before getting the official green light from Lionsgate in October the same yet. The Fall sequel getting the go-ahead is in part thanks to the success producers Mark Lane and James Harris have had within the survival genre. Even before Fall, the duo had produced 47 Meters Down which starred Mandy Moore and Sophie Nélisse as two sisters stranded in an underwater diving cage.

With experienced hands at the helm of the Fall franchise and Scott Mann returning to direct and co-write alongside collaborator Jonathan Frank it’s clear Fall 2 has a solid creative team behind it, one that’s more than capable of repeating the vertigo-inducing magic that made the first movie a success.

Fall 2 Release Date

The Fall Sequel May Arrive Before 2025

Two women standing together in Fall

With Tea Shop Productions confirming that they plan on moving ahead with the project in the latter half of 2023, it is highly possible that the Fall 2 release date could arrive in late 2024. However, filming isn’t pegged to start until June 2024, so it’s also possible that the release date of Fall 2 could arrive in 2025, depending on how long development and production take.

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Fall 2 Cast

Who Is Starring In Fall 2?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking sideways in Fall

The Fall 2 cast hasn’t been revealed, and it’s difficult to predict who will be starring in the second movie of the franchise. With most of the information around Fall 2 kept under wraps, it is uncertain if any of the first film’s actors will be returning or if the sequel would feature an all-new ensemble. If Fall 2‘s narrative directly follows Fall, then Grace Caroline Currey will definitely return as Becky, the climber who survives in the end. Currey, who had a supporting role in Annabelle: Creation and portrayed Mary Bromfield (Mary Marvel) in the Shazam franchise, proved her worth as a leading star with her performance in Fall.

With her best friend Hunter’s death contributing to an integral plot twist in Fall, there is very little chance for Hunter actor Virginia Gardener to return. If Becky’s father James also returns, then The Walking Dead star Jefferey Dean Morgan will definitely be one of the most popular stars in Fall 2. If Dean Morgan returns with Mann still directing, Fall 2 will mark their third collaboration after 2018’s Heist and Fall. Regardless of any new castings, a limited cast of up to four or five actors can be the way to go if Tea Shop Productions decides to adapt a similar survival format as the first Fall and 47 Meters Down.

Fall 2 Story Details

What Is The Fall Sequel About?

A woman clinging onto a tower in Fall

There haven’t been many story details revealed yet, but there are several reasons why Fall 2 shouldn’t be a direct sequel. A primary cause is that most of Fall‘s plot and character motivations were resolved in the first film itself. Becky survives in the end and finally recovers from the death of her husband Dan, who had earlier died in a mountain-climbing incident. Further, the B67 tower cannot offer any more challenging possibilities for any of the characters.

Covering an entirely new scenario with higher stakes is highly likely to feature in the story for Fall 2. However, given that this would be a Fall movie, it is obvious that alarmingly high altitudes will serve as a recurring trope. As reported by Deadline, British producer and Tea Shop co-founder John Harris revealed that his team will be working on a Fall 2 story that hopefully doesn’t feel like a rehashed version of the first Fall. To quote Harris, “We’ve got a couple of ideas we’re kicking around … We don’t want to make something that feels like a copycat or less than the first one.”


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