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Back in 2014 the horror world was enthralled with a small indie film about a sexually transmitted ghost terrorizing a gang of teenagers in David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows. A decade later we’re finally getting a sequel to the cult classic film.

On Tuesday (Oct. 31), the production team behind the surprise 2014 hit announced that a sequel to It Follows would be releasing “soon,” according to HuffPost. Naturally, the internet celebrated the news as no one even knew a sequel was in the works. Posting the announcement on their official Instagram page, Neon shared a poster for They Follow and in the caption wrote “THEY FOLLOW. The long-awaited sequel to the modern horror classic IT FOLLOWS from David Robert Mitchell. Coming soon.”

How soon though?! We’ve waited almost 10 years for this! Aside from the director returning to the helm for the sequel, the lead actress of It Follows, Maika Monroe, will also be returning to reprise her role of Jay Height. How she survived the film should be an interesting story as she seemed destined to fall victim to the evil entity that follows everyone who’s come into sexual contact with anyone who’s been touched by the curse.

The only way to avoid a deadly fate is to have sex with someone else and pass on the curse, but once that person catches the fade, the ghost will make their way back to whoever was next in line prior to their recent victim. Whether or not condoms can prevent such ghostly transmission is yet to be known. We wouldn’t take that chance though.

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