Billie Eilish With ‘Weather Map’ Hair Has Inspired Hilarious Reactions, But It’s Not What It Seems- Armessa Movie News


The Barbie movie’s Billie Eilish has been no stranger to bottles of hair dye over the years, donning just about every hair color in the book, from blue in her early days to going blonde for a sweet reason for her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. In recent months, Eilish has been rocking black hair with bright red peaking at the top. Her latest look has just inspired a viral moment for the singer, but it’s not what it seems. 

Amidst 2023 celebrity Halloween costumes popping up online, including Billie Eilish’s own cowgirl costume, another image of the singer started gaining popularity on the internet. Let’s talk about it. 

The Internet Is Having A Field Day With Billie Eilish’s ‘Hurricane’ Hair 


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